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How to maintain catalytic burning conditions

Combustor temperatures can become extremely hot during operation. Temperatures above 1,800F (980C) will damage the catalyst. Temperatures between 760C (1,400F) and 870C (1,600F) are normal, but temperatures between 1,200F (650C) and 1,400F (760C) are recommended.

When initially starting a cold stove, a medium to high firing rate must be maintained for 20 to 30 minutes. This will allow the stove, the catalytic combustor and the fuel to stabilize at a proper operating temperature. Even though temperature can reach 600F (315C) within a few minutes after the fire has started, if the fire is turned down too soon to a low burning condition, it will result in the fire and/or the catalytic combustor going out.

At the end of a burn cycle, it’s possible that the amount of burning charcoal remaining might not provide sufficient temperature or fuel for the catalyst to stay lit.

During the refueling of a live stove that has an internal temperature below 260C (500F), it is best to fire the stove up for 10 to 15 minutes to ensure sufficient temperature and proper amounts of volatile gases for the catalyst to operate well and efficiently. 

However, when the refueling a hot stove that has an internal temperature above 260C (500F), no refiring is necessary.

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