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Wood heating

It’s a smart choice. Compared to the costs of electricity, natural gas and heating oil, wood heat is an excellent value.

Over the years, millions and millions of people have elected to use wood as a source of heat, not only for the fuel cost savings, but for the cozy pleasures a crackling fire offers.

In addition to the highest possible efficiency catalytic woodburning stoves of today will…

  • … Reduce air pollution by up to 90% compared to stoves without catalytic combustor.
  • … Reduce creosote build-up. (Up to 90% reduction)
  • … Generate more useful heat from each log. (This means longer burns per load)
  • … Help the consumer save on fuel cost.

Not only have you made a smart choice in burning wood, you have also made a smart choice in selecting a catalytic woodburning appliance for your heating needs.
Last but not least it was choice pro environment.

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